Rita Ora approaches her ambitions "like a man".

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

The 26-year-old star has previously spoken about her long-term aspiration of building her own empire - but Rita has admitted that, unlike Tyra Banks, her co-star on 'America's Next Top Model', she isn't able to multi-task.

Asked about her ambitions, Rita shared: "I just really want to make something so that I can retire and be all right. You know what I mean? My parents have always been really futuristic humans, always thinking about the future. And we were just raised like that. I didn't know what I meant by empire when I was just starting out. I didn't know.

"I did 'America's Next Top Model' and Tyra, she created an empire. I really respect people who do that because it just makes you look really multi-tasking, you know? I mean, to be honest, I can't even pass my driving test, let alone start an empire. I'm like a man: I focus on one thing. No offence. I've got a bit of an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder about this."

Ultimately, Rita admitted that her central aspiration is to please her parents, Vera and Besnik.

Rita's family left Kosovo for political reasons and relocated to London in the early 90s, where she subsequently developed her singing talents.

Speaking to #legend, Rita said: "I've become obsessed with creating something because I've got a family and all that. My parents, I want them to be happy."

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