Rita Ora says her new single 'Let You Love Me' is about her "fear of missing out".

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

The 27-year-old singer - who will release her new album 'Phoenix' in November - has revealed her new hit single is based on a time in her life when she missed out on a "good opportunity" with an "amazing" person because of her "FOMO".

In a BBC Radio 2 interview, she said: "My album comes out in November and we start touring next year around Europe and then in the US and so my main focus is to put this record out and give it my full soul and attention because I've been working on it for so long.

"I have this thing called FOMO which is 'fear of missing out' - I used to suffer with that a lot when I was younger and I missed out on a really good opportunity with someone who's amazing and that song is basically about that."

Rita - who has teamed up with 'Girls' co-singer Bebe Rexha for her Women In Harmony project - praised the "internet and social media" for giving "creative souls" the freedom to "put out music" without the restraints of a dedicated album release.

Rita added: "I think it's just we, as artists, have more freedom, which I think is freaking the music industry out a little bit because of the internet and social media. The change is that we can kind of put out music if we wanted too and however we wanted too. Which for us as creative souls is incredibly powerful.

"[On Instagram] I have 13.9 million followers. But you know there's some people that are solely, incredibly popular on social media with 20 million followers and for me, you could have your own life off that!"

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