Scott Mills "can't call a winner" for this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Scott Mills

Scott Mills

The 45-year-old radio DJ and television presenter is one of the UK commentators for the semi-finals of the annual competition, and has said that the acts competing for the top spot this year are so talented, it's impossible for him to name the country he thinks will be crowned the champions.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz on the Eurovision orange carpet in Tel Aviv, Israel, about his advice for people tuning in to watch the show on Saturday (18.05.19), he said: "Drink through it. You have to have a drink, it's a long show. But unlike previous years - well, the last few years it's been different - the voting is really good now, and you genuinely don't find out until the very end who's going to win. Whereas before, you'd find out about three hours before and then have to sit through all the quite boring voting.

"But I'm looking forward to it, and I can't call a winner this year either."

And although he can't call a winner, Scott heaped praise on the UK's entry Michael Rice, whom he says is "easy to work with" and a "joy to be around".

When asked his opinion on Michael and his track 'Bigger Than Us', Scott said: "I think he's extremely easy to work with. He's just really up for it, and he's not here for the 'Oh I'm going to win' [attitude]. You know, we can't take that attitude, but we have to be positive. And I think we've got a good song, and the backing singers as well - as well as his voice - they're so good.

"So yeah, I think we're all set. You never know what's going to happen, but I think its a really good song, and he's just great. Such a joy to be around, and he's literally loving every second."

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