The Script are done with partying.

The Script

The Script

The Irish band would much rather enjoy one another's company than go to swish bars packed with celebrities as they admit they are the "most anti-social" band in the industry.

Frontman Danny O' Donoghue - who is joined by lead guitarist Mark Sheehan and drummer Glen Power in the group - said: "We're probably the most anti-social lads and don't really hang out with anyone in the business.

"We party with our mates in private. I couldn't give a f*** about other famous people."

The band are gearing up to release their first album in three years - the follow-up to 2014's 'No Sound Without Silence' - but they won't be accepting invites to swanky parties with expensive champagne to celebrate its release.

Mark told the Metro newspaper: "We are very anti-VIP bars. We get invited to the top clubs with Cristal champagne, but we're like, 'No.'"

One event that ended Danny's desire to hit clubs was seeing a famous person - who he chose not to name - having their publicist phone up paparazzi to take pictures of them leaving a bar.

Ever since, he can't stand it when celebrities moan about being papped.

He said: "When were kicking off you'd see pictures of celebs coming out of the back doors of clubs and you realise their publicist has called the paps.

"They are moaning about paparazzi but the paparazzi are not everywhere - I could go to my local pub, fall out and no one is taking a picture because I'm not calling anyone.

"I'm not saying who it was, but I was present for a call from somebody to tell the paparazzi where they were going to be. They were very open about calling them, 'I'm going walk out now'. I was like, 'See you, I'm not hanging out with you.'"

The band recently dropped new single 'Rain' and say they had around 70 songs to whittle down to 14 solid tracks for their as yet untitled fifth studio album.

Danny, 37, said: "We wrote about 70 songs over a year and a half and had to pick 14. We're constantly f***ing around with words in our head all day long."

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