Animator Marius Franc teamed up with Niall Horan for his debut solo single 'This Town', interpreting Niall's lyrics in his own unique way and hand-drawing over 1,800 illustrations that make up this unique new stop-motion lyric video.

Released under 24 hours ago (at time of writing), Niall has managed to amass over half a million views for the video on his YouTube account alone.

Some fans are baffled by the release however, as the lyric video doesn't actually feature any lyrics on the visuals at all, instead substituting them all for the animation.

The video starts out by showing a couple almost kissing, with another walking under the same umbrella. Despite the happy visuals which start the piece, by the end of the video you'll be left feeling empty inside as Franc reminds fans the song is one about unrequited love.

The debut single comes after former One Direction member Zayn Malik released his own collection of solo material, 12 months after deciding to quit the band that made him famous following their time on The X Factor.

Reports claim that Harry Styles is also working on his own solo material, whilst Liam Payne had music he was working on leaked earlier this year to mixed reactions.

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