Shane Macgowan

Shane Macgowan

Shane Macgowan is preparing to call time on his band The Pogues, insisting their huge concert in London this past weekend was one of their last.

The singers reformed in 2001 after splitting up in 1996, and they have toured several times since.

Frontman MacGowan admits he is surprised the reunion has lasted so long as he only intended to play one show, but he is adamant their concert supporting British band The Libertines at London's Hyde Park on Saturday July 5 marked the beginning of the end.

MacGowan, who was sacked from the group in 1991, tells Uncut magazine, "I just meant to do one gig, to get out of a bind. I didn't intend it to go on this long. No, this is it. This is the last year. They're all interesting gigs - Hyde Park with The Libertines, supporting. I love supporting - blow the f**kers off!... Anyway, this is the last gig".

The Pogues are due to perform at the Festival Fete du Bruit in Landerneau, France on 10 August (14) but are not believed to have any further shows scheduled for 2014.

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