Ed Sheeran doesn't use streaming services.

Ed Sheeran at The London Irish Centre

Ed Sheeran at The London Irish Centre

The 27-year-old star might be one of the most-streamed artists on Spotify - with 2017's 'Shape of You' having reached over 1.8 billion streams - but that doesn't mean he himself uses the app to find new music.

The 27-year-old star instead prefers to go on recommendations from his pals or dig out earworms played on the wireless.

Speaking to Dermot O'Leary at The London Irish Centre on Wednesday (20.06.18) for the new 'An Evening With Dermot' programme, where Ed performed to an intimate crow of 400 people at their Camden-based venue, he said: "I go on what people give me, like CDs, or if they recommend something on iTunes.

"Or I listen to the radio.

"It usually takes three people to get me to listen to something."

The 'Supermarket Flowers' singer recalled how he was once told to check out Mumford & Sons, but it wasn't until he was told by a third person that he gave their music a listen.

He said: "I remember someone told me to listen to Mumford & Sons, and I didn't.

"Then another person did, and I didn't, and then the third person I was like, 'I should.'"

Ed, whose grandparents are from Ireland, is very proud of his Irish heritage, and auctioned off one of his guitars for £20,000 at the charity bash.

He said: "My Irish heritage is something I've always been proud of, so this concert felt like a natural fit.

"I love what the London Irish Centre Charity do in terms of being at the heart of championing Irish culture and community in London, and their plans for the future are really exciting.

"I'm hoping that people like Dermot, myself and others can help them get their voice heard."

The star-studded bash was attended by the likes of Courtney Cox, Laura Whitmore and Alan Carr.