Taylor Momsen has admitted the addiction she feels behind writing, recording and releasing new material, following the release of her band The Pretty Reckless's latest album.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Speaking to Vogue in a new interview, she explained: "I can say it's the most rewarding feeling in the world when you finish a good song and you can play it all the way through and go, 'Check this out'.

"There's no greater feeling. Then you fall down the rabbit hole - 'F**k, I have to do this again.' We don't feel outside pressure. We put the pressure on ourselves."

With their new album 'Who You Selling For', the group relied on a number of different producers, including singer/songwriter Janice Pendarvis.

Chatting about the creation process, Momsen said: "For the first time we brought in live musicians so we could get that live feel instead of having to overdub a keyboard later.

"It took songs to a whole new place. A good example is 'The Devil's Back'. That was originally going to be two minutes. But we were all playing together live, and it felt good. We just kept playing, and now it's one of the longest songs on the record."

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