Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' was inspired by Fall Out Boy.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

The 'You Need To Calm Down' hitmaker has revealed she is a huge admirer of the emo pop group's bassist Pete Wentz, who she picked as her "favourite lyricist" along with Lana Del Rey, and she also revealed listening to Fall Out Boy influenced her 2014 hit.

The 'Shake It Off' singer also shared how she quizzed Pete and Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie on everything about their songwriting when she went to "the most emo dinner party" ever at the latter's house.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on his Apple Music Beats 1 radio show, Taylor spilled: "I show up and it's like, Brendon and Pete Wentz sitting next to each other. "I just got to ask them every single question.

Pete Wentz is probably... if I had to pick a favourite lyricist, it'd be a tie between him and Lana Del Rey. 'Blank Space' is a song that's just zingers, one after another after another, which I definitely learned from listening to Fall Out Boy."

The US pop superstar teamed up with Brendon on the hit duet 'ME!' this year, and previously revealed the aim with the tune was to make people "feel better about themselves", as it's about "embracing your individuality and really celebrating it".

She explained: "'ME!' is about embracing your individuality and really celebrating it and owning it, and you know, I think that with a pop song we have an ability to get a melody stuck in your head.

"I just wanted it to be one that makes them feel better about themselves.

"The fans are amazing. I can't believe how much they care.

"So it makes it more fun for me to create music, to create music videos, knowing that they'll care about little Easter eggs, or clues, or hints.

"You don't know how much fun that is to make stuff for people who care about it that much.

"So it's the fans, they've always been there and it's gotten more fun as time has passed."