Tom Walker has penned 14 songs for his second album - and joked some are about toilet roll and a "fridge looking desperate" during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Walker

Tom Walker

The 28-year-old singer shot to fame after his single 'Leave a Light On' rose up the charts in 2018, and he is now making good process on his second record, but admitted he hasn't had "a whole lot to write about" during lockdown, apart from his attempts to get hold of some loo roll.

He said: "I've written about 14 new songs for album number two, which has been really good.

"There's not been a whole lot to write about.

"There's only so many songs you can write about being stuck at home during the coronavirus - a song about the fridge looking desperate and running out of food, a song about toilet paper ...  it's all going to be there in album two."

But Tom admitted he and fiancee Annie got "pretty lucky" as they moved into their new house just a day before lockdown began.

The pair have been busy painting and fixing things around the property, in between him penning new tracks.

He added to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "We were pretty lucky, to be honest, we moved in one week before lockdown started.

"We've been painting and doing DIY for the past eight weeks and I've been trying to write some songs in between that."

The couple have seen plenty of each other during lockdown, but that hasn't always been the case.

Tom popped the question to Annie in August 2018, but in June 2019 revealed he had only seen her seven times since they got engaged.

Speaking in June last year, he said: "Aye, seen her about seven times since we got engaged in August, she's so, so lovely."