Wiley has seemingly confirmed he will appear at Glastonbury 2017.



The 38-year-old rap star - who is widely known as the Godfather of Grime - has suggested he will perform at the iconic music festival in Somerset, England, later this year in a series of Twitter posts.

He wrote: "Can't wait for @GlastoFest its gonna be sick. (sic)"

Later, Wiley - whose real name is Richard Cowie - added: "Come to @GlastoFest with me I need to show you something. (sic)"

Wiley's apparent appearance at the festival may come as something of a surprise after the rapper previously pulled out of a planned performance at Worthy Farm back in 2013.

After arriving in Somerset to find a wet and windy scene, Wiley said the festival weren't paying him enough to "leave my comfort zone".

He also sent tweets to the official Glastonbury Festival Twitter account, telling the organisers to "please cancel me I do not want to play for you ever again".

Among a memorable series of angry tweets, the rapper said: "f**k them and their farm".

But the rapper appears to have had a dramatic change of heart in recent times and when he asked if he was trolling the festival, Wiley replied: "I realised the importance of this festival in my older age."

He added: "Rain or shine at Glastonbury this year is gonna be amazing because I know understand the real meaning of a #festival #letsgo (sic)"

Earlier this month, it was announced Wiley is to receive the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award at the 2017 NME Awards.

The rapper - who released his critically-acclaimed 10th studio LP 'Godfather' on January 13 - has been honoured with the prestigious title for being an "inventor" of the grime genre.

The 'Wearing My Rolex' hitmaker said: "Thank you for everyone's support and thank you NME for this award. It's because of the fans support that I am here, and my family and friends who've been behind me from day one. This for all the massive and the crew."

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