Wiley's journey to becoming the Godfather of Grime is set to be the subject of a new documentary.

Rapper Wiley

Rapper Wiley

The 'Wearing My Rolex' hitmaker - whose real name is Richard Cowie - says that while the film will focus on the "highs and lows" of his life and career, he's doing it for Grime as a genre and the "lost" musicians who have brought it to the mainstream.

He said: "This is my life, my highs and lows, but it's not really all about me.

"When I make music, help the scene or even do something like this, it's like I'm not alone any more. It's for people who grew up like me. I'm doing it to help people who are lost like me."

The 39-year-old rapper - who was awarded an MBE this year - is yet to choose who will portray him in the documentary.

The film is being helmed by Adam Smith - who has worked on similar projects for The Chemical Brothers and Mike Skinner from The Streets - and Wiley's sister Janaya Cowie is reportedly set to executive produce.

Pulse Films - who did Beyonce's 65-minute visual film 'Lemonade' - and BMG are producing the documentary, which is titled 'Wiley'.

Speaking last year, Wiley - who released his 12th studio album 'Godfather II', the second half of 2017's 'Godfather' - claimed the sound currently enjoying chart success "is not grime".

He explained: "No-one's had a grime number one.

"Any number one that anyone's had, it's pop music.

"England is built on pop music, that's why the show was called 'Top of the Pops'. It's a strong pop market."

Wiley insisted he didn't wish to detract from the recent success of acts like Stormzy and Skepta.

But he feels that the sound he helped to create has been watered down over time in order to make it more radio-friendly.

The London rapper said: "Stormzy and Skepta have made it into something today that pays as well as pop does."

Meanwhile, speaking of his royal title, he said: "I'm honoured to be receiving an MBE. It feels like the school grade I wanted and didn't get but now I'm finally there."

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