Wiley says music "saved" him and his friends.



The 40-year-old grime star picked up The Ivors Inspiration Award at the 64th Ivor Novello Awards on Thursday (23.05.19) and is so grateful to his father for giving him "the gift of music" as he feels it saved his life.

Speaking to Sky News after he collected the gong at the ceremony in London, he said: "This means a lot because my dad gave me the gift of music and I went on and tried it with me and my friends ... That's what he was to me, that's what I was to other people. There were people that was that to me also. To be inspire and to inspire is a good thing and I just think that sometimes when you're in your life and you think you want one thing but that's not the right thing and you chase it. Music has saved a lot of me and my friends because we thought we wanted to do something else but it wasn't that and then we found this. This was the right thing."

Meanwhile, Wiley's journey to becoming the Godfather of Grime is set to be the subject of a new documentary, which will focus on the "highs and lows" of his life and career and document the "lost" musicians who have helped to bring grime music to the mainstream.

He said: "This is my life, my highs and lows, but it's not really all about me. When I make music, help the scene or even do something like this, it's like I'm not alone any more. It's for people who grew up like me. I'm doing it to help people who are lost like me."

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