Wiley considers Stormzy to be a "new inspiration".



The 40-year-old rapper - who is widely known as the Godfather of Grime - has admitted to being inspired by the London-born MC, who is now one of the best-selling artists in the UK.

The veteran star said: "Stormzy is my new inspiration. He's younger than me but he's the one who'll keep it going on. I've nothing but respect for him.

"Maybe there was a time when I put out a project and earned a bit of extra money because he was bigging me up. I wasn't asking for that. It's not about money, but the way that he showed respect really helped me to go on."

Wiley also revealed he's made a concerted effort to remain close to his roots, despite enjoying a lengthy and lucrative career in the music business.

He told NME: "To keep grounded, I remember that I'm a youth club kid.

"I came from there onto pirate radio. I didn't go straight into the music industry and 17 and become a child star. I don't know where they've all gone recently, but they were good for us. I don't know how it goes with the youth club stuff for the generation today.

"The ones I went to might have shut down, but the people who run youth clubs are great. They just want the best for you, and they're not your mum or dad. That's amazing."

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