Wiley has compared Stormzy's career to a "microwave dinner" and insisted it's "over" for him.



Even though his rival is no longer on social media after the pair came to blows on Twitter in a high-profile war of words, the 'Wearing My Rolex' hitmaker is still throwing insults his way, and has now warned the 'Vossi Bop' rapper that he "can't have a come-up twice" as he believes Stormzy has had too much success all at once.

Speaking on 'The Zeze Millz Show', Wiley said: "Stormzy is done.

"You know why he's done? Because you can't have a come-up twice.

"He did everything in a short space of time - the boy had a book.

"His career is like a microwave dinner."

Before closing down his social media accounts, Stormzy accused Wiley of "trying to profit" off his name.

The 'Own It' hitmaker also issued a challenge to his music rival via Twitter.

He wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "You grime heads will swear that Grime is nothing about selling out o2 arenas and nothing to do with who's big and who sells what so tell your p****yhole Godfather to come and clash me

"Where's that little p***yhole grime gremlin as well come here and tel your dad to come and clash me (sic)"

In response, Wiley tweeted: "You will not come up of my genre @stormzy and tell me what to do I tell u what to do (sic)"

Then, Stormzy boasted about his own popularity, and accused his rap rival of using their feud to generate interest in his music.

He said: "Bro you will never ever ever ever ever sell out the O2 and you ain't gonna do it off the back of my name so what now (sic)"

After Wiley seemingly rejected Stormzy's offer to battle him on the radio, the 'Shut Up' hitmaker accused his rival of being "scared" of him.

He wrote: "All you @WileyUK fans who supported him in the war just because of the nostalgia in your head and to prove your weird point of old school being incomparably better than the new school LOOK AT YOUR GUY. I am taking him to the oldschool and he don't wanna go there he is SCARED

"You got asked to clash tonight on radio and all you're doing is tweeting. You are the most embarrasing bruddah in grime, for any kids watching this tryna understand what your genre is about you are not representing and that is why I am the King (sic)"

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