Sex Pistols singer John Lydon

Sex Pistols singer John Lydon

Sex Pistols were fans of soft rock.

The 'Anarchy in the UK' band changed the musical landscape with punk music - which effectively brought an end to prog rock and many older genres - during their short career from 1975 to 1978, but guitarist Steve Jones admits he was actually a fan of many of those bands.

He told Classic Rock magazine: "I used to like listening to Boston and Journey in 1977. I love classic rock. I think, at heart, if I had any choice to listen to music on a desert island, it would be classic rock."

Steve also admits being envious of bands such as Queen and Fleetwood Mac because of their riches.

He added: "Who wouldn't want to be rich? Who doesn't want a big flash car? But it weren't an option for us, because it would have been like, 'Oh, you're a bunch of f***ing phonies."

Steve, 56, also said he had a great time during the band's heyday, but things started to go bad after Sid Vicious joined the band - which also included singer John Lydon and drummer Paul Cook - as bass player in 1977 and met girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

He added: "I didn't have a problem in 1977. I was enjoying myself with the drugs and alcohol. It hadn't got to a point where it was a drag.

"It wasn't a good time near the end there. The whole dynamic changed with Sid and that f***ing bird. It was dark. I can't think of any other word for it than dark. It was not a fun time for me."