Kings of Leon (L-R Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill)

Kings of Leon (L-R Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill)

Kings of Leon were influenced by Queens of the Stone Age and Sly and the Family Stone on 'Mechanical Bull'.

The 'Supersoaker' band have a surprising range of influences on their sixth record including the heavy metal group and the soul outfit, as well as tracks which lean toward a country sound.

Drummer Nathan Followill told Rolling Stone magazine: "There are a couple songs that could be considered country ballads, even though they're not country songs.

"One song has more of a Queens of the Stone Age feel. Another one sounds more like Sly and the Family Stone."

Nathan also said the album was written in the studio rather than on the road, as the band - which includes his brothers Caleb and Jared and cousin Matthew Followill - have done in the past, and having a break after touring their last album, 'Come Around Sundown' helped them feel rejuvenated.

He added: "We had taken a break, obviously, and everyone was off in their own little world. In November of last year, we started kicking ideas around ... At soundchecks we used to break in new material, and by the end of a tour, we'd have ten or 11 new ideas.

"This record, we had to go back to the blueprint of what we did on our first album, when we locked ourselves in a house and rolled the dice.

"Lucky for us we were all in the same headspace, and taking that break allowed us to fall back in love with what we get to do for a living. We did what we've known to do for 12 years, which was pick up our instruments and play."