Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot

International best-selling jazz sensation Melody Gardot releases her stunning new album ‘The Absence’, May 28th on Decca.

In the summer of 2010, Melody travelled to Marrakech and during an overnight trip to the desert, had something of a revelation: 'So many languages and so many cultures and yet I was taken by how similar the spirit of music is the world over.'

Co-written by Melody and produced by composer and guitarist Heitor Pereira - who also composed all the orchestral arrangements on the album - ‘The Absence’ is a stunning 11-track culmination of Melody’s year-long globetrotting experiences.

It’s a journey which takes in tango, shimmies to samba and cries out with colour. And from the deserts of Morocco to the beaches of Brazil, is fleshed out by an all-star band - bassist John Leftwich, percussionist Paulihno DaCosta and drummers Jim Kelter and Peter Erskine.

Lead track ‘Mira’ is a warm bossa nova accent with a heart of gold, accompanied by a vibrant video shot in the streets and alleyways of Rio de Janeiro. Then there’s ‘Lisboa’, a glimpse of Melody’s stay in the Portugese capital capturing the musical sounds of the streets.

Other album highlights include the classic Gershwin swell of ‘So We Meet Again My Heartache’, the tango-ready ‘Goodbye’, and the dusty desert blues of ‘Amalia’ - the first single, released May 21st which was co-written by Pereira and Phil Roy - as well as ‘Se Voce Me Ama’, on which Pereira also sings and plays guitar.

A renowned film composer  (Despicable Me, Its Complicated, From Prada To Nada) - Heitor Pereira has also worked with Sting and Seal as a world-class session guitarist.

"It was a beautiful connection," Melody says of their meeting. "I needed a partner - a collaborator, and a bit of genius in his own right. Someone crazy enough to understand how serious I am when I say, 'I want to play palm leaves and a washboard’ - and make it work."

‘The Absence’ is the follow-up to 2009’s ‘My One and Only Thrill’ - Melody’s second album which took her to the heights of global stardom. The Sunday Times called it 'A must-hear'; it went Gold in the UK, reached No.1 in Sweden and Japan and hit the Top Twenty in over twelve countries, as well as going double platinum in France and Sweden.

Melody Gardot will shortly take her breathtaking new album on a global tour. Hold on to your hats!!