Australia's The Winston Giles Orchestra makes music that is warm and emotive, quirky and uplifting, yet at times dark and brooding, wrapped up in a unique electronic approach. Dance beats and samples lay the foundation for the Winston Giles sound, while their rock influences are shown in the occasional Floyd / Zeppelin influenced lick... but never too obviously: rather they are expertly woven into the modern electronic tapestry of the music.Winston began his musical career fronting art / punk band Floor 13, which led to him spending a number of years living in the US. He returned to Australia hungry for fresh sounds and soon immersed himself in the emerging dance scene, working with various artists and producers - most successfully as Atari Baby, releasing several albums, remixes and videos under the moniker.In 2004 Winston met up with CJ Dolan who was behind techno outfit Quench. The pair were soon in the studio working on Winston's new songs. Four months later they emerged with 'Soundtracks for Sunrise' the first of a four-part opus the plan to complete over the coming years.

Through the debut album 'Soundtracks for Sunrise', The Winston Giles Orchestra presents an epic and enlightening album of music that translates into true imagination.

With colourful cinematic production and varying moods, 'Soundtracks for Sunrise' presents a very modern, warm and inviting sound.

Illuminating elements of electronic, chill-out, experimental and trance dance styles, the album also maintains an organic presence that refers to more classic moments of rock and guitar based music.

With bouncy grooves and beats, gentle guitars, lush horns and quirky samples, this followup to the debut 'Soundtracks For Sunrise' provides a dreamy laid back escape that flows from one imaginery scene to the next.

Following the theme of a perfect day, The Winston Giles Orchestra presents a playful and inspiring album full of magic, warmth and joy - a perfect album.