Beth Rowley

Beth Rowley

Beth Rowley is known for her rich soulful voice and love of Blues and Gospel. Following the success of her UK top 10 album ‘Little Dreamer’ in 2008, for which she was nominated a Brit Award, she’s now back after working on new material - a trio of EPs, the first ‘Wretched Body’ out 8th July.

Beth says, "I lived back in Bristol for 2 years, then London for past 2 years. I decided to get off the treadmill and to write and record new material on my own terms, regardless of however long it took.

"I’ve had the privilege of writing with some amazing writers, and musicians as well as developing my own sound and defining what I want it to be. I’m here again now and I’m very happy with the music I’ve been making and am excited and ready to get it out there."

The period since Little Dreamer has seen Beth’s film debut with the release of Oscar-winning Brit flick, An Education, starring Carey Mulligan. Beth’s cameo role as the nightclub singer received rave reviews as did her theme song You Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger.

Beth has appeared on stage with some giants of the music world including Burt Bacharach at the Electric Proms, David Arnold and as Angelo Badalamenti's personal guest at Ghent film Festival.

Beth also performed at Willie Nelsons 4th July Back Yard Festival in Austin alongside Ray Wylie Hubbard.