DeeDee Loves Me

DeeDee Loves Me

DeeDee Loves Me has been described as "Lily Allen meets Lady Gaga", but after listening to the lead track from her debut EP of the same name, 'Everybody's Out To Get Me', it's clear to see that the upcoming pop bombshell stands alone with her fresh approach to the industry.

Born and raised in London, DeeDee once reduced her primary school teacher to tears with a poem she wrote. She explains: “We were given the task of writing a poem for a teacher who was leaving. I wrote something along the lines of "Dear Miss Taylor, you were never a failure…" I read it out and it made her cry”.

Ever since, the singer/songwriter realised music was her passion, and has been writing brash and gigantic pop melodies - four of which will appear on her EP.

DeeDee's debut album is currently in the works, with a release date to be set for 2014.

'Everybody's Out To Get Me' the EP is available to pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon.

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