Alice Gold

Alice Gold

Alice Gold releases her first commercial single ‘Runaway Love’ on April 18th on Fiction Records.

A highlight from her forthcoming debut album, ‘Seven Rainbows’ (out July) ‘Runaway Love’ is a perky Parisian flavoured, 1960s inspired gem with a hard edge and a heart of, well... Gold.

Like Janis Joplin if she’d swapped the Southern Comfort for a flat white and a Francois Truffaut boxset, Alice’s brand of rock’n’roll is rowdy and raucous, but pinned down by a super chic sophistication.

Produced by Dan Carey (Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip, La Roux, Lily Allen, Kylie), ‘Runaway Love’ is pop, but not as you know it.

Over a chic, soulful groove, Alice tempts a lover with the offer of jumping on the Eurostar and cycling around Paris, before promising romantic getaways to Berlin in June and New York in May.

The song’s globetrotting lyrics are more than appropriate considering Alice’s own less than ordinary, continent crossing life.

As well as driving across the United States in a Winnebago that she won in a poker game, Alice used to live in a castle in Luxembourg - staying in the sumptuous surrounds for free in exchange for giving English lessons.

Shortlisted for Q magazine’s Next Big Thing award, Alice Gold has already supported the likes of Eels and Noah & the Whale and her intense shows are nothing less than electrifying.

‘Runaway Love’ follows Alice’s skyscraping limited release track, the riffed up power-psych smasher ‘Orbiter’, and shows off the sleeker side of this modern rock starlet