Rachael Sage - Abby Would You Wait

Rachael Sage - Abby Would You Wait

The unparalleled musicianship of critically-acclaimed, award winning US singer, songwriter and producer, Rachael Sage, returns to the UK as she releases her stunning new single, ‘Abby Would You Wait’, to the UK on 12 November.

The release comes hand-in-hand with an electrifying live tour of the UK, with a selection of dates supporting Judy Collins. The tour already boasts huge critical acclaim from its current circuit of the US and promises to wow Sage fans this side of the Atlantic too.

For Sage - who is also a poet, actor and visual artist, as well as a longtime record label owner (she founded MPress Records a decade ago) - music has always been her primary form of self-expression.

Taken from her forthcoming, 10th album (‘Haunted By You’ which hits the UK later this year), ‘Abby Would You Wait’ explores the concept of absolute soul-mates and the overpowering strength and compelling understanding that sweeps its way through an instantly-connecting relationship. Sage wrote ‘Abby Would You Wait’ about someone whom she’d shared one isolated, but lengthy, conversation with after a gig.

The exchange was a one-off, but was so poignant and powerful that it etched an indelible memory in her heart - a conversation never to be repeated, but never to be forgotten. "We connected so strongly that I saw an entire future," Rachael reminisces.

Penned by Sage solely on a 1996 Martin acoustic which she inherited from an ex, ‘Abby Would You Wait’ (along with its other album companions), is the prolific pianist’s first ever experiment with guitar composition.

"I pushed myself to pick up a guitar to write this record because I was scared of it and I took that as a cue. I gave myself a pass to try something brand new and make mistakes that would hopefully yield something more visceral."

Named in 2010 amongst the Top 100 Independent Artists Of The Past 15 Years by Performing Songwriter magazine, Sage is a self-taught pianist, producer and poet.

Her on-stage presence is unparalleled, as Sage weaves comedy and humor in-between musical interludes.

Injecting unusual and often outrageous artistic stage banter into her live performances has earned her a fervently loyal following. In the past, Rachael has shared the stage with Grammy® winners Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin, Marc Cohn, Ani DiFranco, and Judy Collins, as well as Suzanne Vega, The Pretenders, The Weepies, Colin Hay and Semi Precious Weapons - to name a few; and she’s currently supporting Al Stewart, before she comes to the UK in the Autumn.

A tempting and alluring aperitif to Sage’s forthcoming album, ‘Abby Would You Wait’ throws a beaming spotlight onto Rachael’s debut experiment with acoustic guitar composition and displays her eternal talent for delving into new dimensions and emerging with stellar results.

Fans can also indulge in an autumn of outstanding live musical entertainment as Rachael brings her sell-out smash hit US tour over to UK shores throughout October and November.

Rachael Sage’s new single, Abby Would You Wait, is released on MPress Records on
12 November