The Saturdays

The Saturdays

Last year, if I had been told that The Saturdays would be blasting through the charts like dainty pop superheroes I would never have believed it. Their first album was generously received (despite a few regretful wardrobe choices) but ‘longevity’ was not a word commonly associated with the five beauties as far as their career in music was concerned.  

Nonetheless, The Saturdays have been working hard on their second album 'Wordshaker' and have made some wise choices in ditching the trademark colours of their first album. These cheeky party girls prove they are all grown up and ready to rival the big girls in pop.

‘Ego’s dark electropop vibe combines infectious synthesised riffs with a thumping beat to create a riot of a track that will no doubt become another smash hit. In the song, the girls deal with an arrogant lover, telling him exactly where to go, with a chorus that’s catchier than ever.

The video sees Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle, Una and Vanessa don the lycra as powerful superheroes while they bring Mr X, the epitome of ego, to justice.  Vanessa has voodoo powers, Una can spontaneously combust things, Rochelle’s speciality is creating ice, Frankie controls electricity and Mollie can summon storms. The essential utilities when bringing down an arrogant lover, i’m sure!

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