Fightstar - Be Human

Fightstar - Be Human

Unless you’re completely oblivious to what happens on FemaleFirst, you’ll know that the gorgeous Fightstar will be ‘taking over’ the site on Monday and unleashing their rock and roll godliness all over your computer screens.

With this in mind, we though we’d better check out their foxy new album Be Human, which is also released on Monday, convenient I hear you say? Yes, very.

Anyway, I’m not going to let the four little foxes cloud my judgement when it comes to writing this review, because in the name of good journalism I do want to give a honest opinion of the third studio album from the lads.

And honestly, shit!... this album is set to eradicate those ‘Busted’ stigma’s once and for all, as the guys take their rightful place in my library of bloody awesome rock albums at long last.

Okay, so before today, I’d only dabbled with the Fightstar songs they released, and checked them out when they supported Feeder last year, I always meant to buy an album, but for some reason I never did, and now I’m totally kicking myself for it.

The album itself brandishes 12 epic anthems, which hit you with such a force, that you find yourself staggering backwards as you reel in shock at just how amazing Charlie Simpson’s voice is, and how his current style is a far cry from his pop star days.

Proving that he is every inch of the metal superstar we so wanted to see, he and his mates, Alex Westaway, Dan Haigh and Omar Abidi lash out track after track of pure deliciousness that I just want to listen to over and over again.


From the released singles, The English Way and Mercury Summer (which is thankfully getting some much deserved airplay on Radio One) to the anthemic, War Machine and Give Me The Sky, there is never a song that sounds the same.

What’s more, we really see a more hardcore side to the guys during Colours Bleed To Red and Chemical Blood; which has a incredible string section that I bet will be simply awesome live. With their versatility these men could easily see play a gig alongside the likes of my favourite boys in A Day To Remember just as well as someone as mainstream as Green Day (I heard they’re making a comeback!)

For the first time, I’ve really been left with my jaw on the floor after realising just how incredible Charlie Simpson’s voice is, I mean, there’s no-one else who can sing quite like him; I wish I could put his voice in a little basket and bring it out when I’m feeling sad and lonely… crikey, I think it gives me butterflies.

What’s more, if you fancy doing a little Fightstar interview yourself, find out how to here.

Rating: 5/5 - Well done lads. One of my top five albums of 2009 so far.

Skip To: Each and every song is worth a listen in it’s own right… I do love Never Change though.

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