Ruarri Joseph

Ruarri Joseph

A brave artist in all respects, Ruarri Joseph has not made the road to success an easy one for himself.

Signed to Atlantic Records in 2007, he released his debut album Tales of Grime and Grit. However, after things went sour, Joseph posted on his website that "the major label thing didn't feel like the right road for me the time."

He also added: "I figure that I still love music and want to write and play, but I want to do it on my terms and if that means less money, then so be it. So I've left Atlantic and decided to have a go at it all myself with some of the new contacts I've met over the year. I'm also a realist and want to make a career out of music...but not by kissing peoples arses! So the struggle begins again but this time with more determination and a grounding that means if I fail, at least I can hang on to my dignity!"

Not one to be subtle, Joseph has not lost any of the talent shown in his first album, and has made a comeback on his own label, Pip Productions, proving that he truly didn't need a major label after all.

His soothing voice floats beautifully alongside the strumming of his electric acoustic guitar. With funky riffs throughout, the chill out album is one to challenge artists such as Jack Johnson's market.

Piano entries on many of the tracks prove the musicians capability as a folk artist, to use not just his stringed friends.

From the surfer town of Cornwall, the laid back attitude shines through on tracks such as Adam's Wing and Tomorrow Today which would not only be perfect sang around a fire, but leave your eyelids heavy as the harmonious and peaceful melodies take hold.

A fantastic contribution that should easily grab some attention but perhaps not being on a major label will be his downfall. Either way, the Both Sides of the Coin is an intriguing collection of understated songs that would be ideal to listen to in the bath.

Rating - 4/5>

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By Karen Asbury