Twin Atlantic - Vivarium

Twin Atlantic - Vivarium

I’ve long since been a supporter of Glasgow’s Twin Atlantic, and it’s good to finally see a band bringing something to the UK music scene that has been missing for quite some time now.

Twin Altantic always make sure their lyrics are filled with meaning, and when it comes to making music, singer Sam McTrusty, bassist Barry McKenna, guitarist Ross McNaeand drummer Craig Kneale really have it sorted.

Whilst there are obvious similarities with their Scottish mates in Biffy Clyro - and no, not just the accent - the guys in Twin Atlantic have made their debut album standout from the crowd, and could quite possibly overshadow their home boys with Vivarium.

Ever since I first heard their A Guidance From Colour EP last year, I knew these guys were going to blow me away with their debut full-length, and I wasn’t wrong. Een my new celebrity best mate, Andrew McMahon loved it, and that’s a compliment and a half for these guys.

The track listing blends ferocity and tranquillity like a sweet and sour chicken - it shouldn’t work, but it does. From the glorious Better Weather, to current single You’re Turning Into John Wayne, the album delivers on all levels, with Lightspeed and the reinvented golden oldie, Audience And Audio being two of the standout tracks here.

The epic halfway point jams in the customary six minute song, Caribbean War Syndrome, a must have for any band wanting to make a statement with their new album, during which Sam McTrusty finds the time to make us fall in love with the Scottish accent even more, whilst his band mates do a great job of giving us more twists and turns that your local maize maze. I love it.

To be honest, I cant’ really say a bad word about this album, other than I wish I could have been longer. Either way, the time has come to stop thinking Scotland is just a place with mountains, haggis and rain, even though it is, for the more part, a pretty correct assumption.

Rating: 5/5 - A must have addition to your CD collection.

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