Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor

Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor

Typically, re-releases or reissues can be a waste of money, albums made up of songs you've already got, with a couple of new songs.

They are usually only for the hardcore fan who wants a complete collection.

Alicia Keys looks ready to break this trend with the 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition of her debut album Songs In A Minor.

On paper, it already bests many releases of this kind. The second disc features previously unreleased songs from the same session, alternative versions of album tracks and some live performances.

Split across two discs, this is an album of two halves. Whilst most fans of Alicia Keys will have the original album, it's still noteworthy taken within this package.

It showcases her talent as an incredible vocalist, pianist, songwriter and producer.

This reissue shows something missing from some contemporary r n' b, with Keys being completely hands-on with all aspects of the music.

It feels more genuine, making the already wonderful moments like 'What A Woman's Worth' seem warmer and more genuine.

The main selling point of this album, the aspect it will succeed or fail on, is the second disk.

Generally, the bonuses work very well, although there are a few misses amongst the hits.

'What A Woman's Worth' loses a little something in an over-produced remix that takes away some of the original's soul and emotion.

Others shine though, like 'If I Was Your Woman (original funky version)' showing a sultry, swagger-filled side to Key's vocals.

The live tracks are inconsistent, with the opening of 'Light My Fire' sounding very messy, although Key's stunning vocals manage to save it.

Overall, this is a brilliant collection that offers so much more than just an old album re-released.

Alicia Keys has done well to make this worth it, and a real celebration of Songs In A Minor.

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