JLS - Everybody In Love

JLS - Everybody In Love

Pretty much what we all expected from this JLS single ‘Everybody in Love’. It follows the idea that if you repeat a catchy chorus 100 times then it will become anthemic-a song to sing along to in a club after a few WKD’s.

It’s been heavily produced, again not surprising given that this act comes from the Simon Cowell factory, and that gives it the tight and vocally perfect ‘boyband’ sound we know so well after years of Westlife and Boyzone. Following their success with Beat Again, JLS have gone for a noticeably R and B ‘flava’ which should make it popular with the ladies.

The lyrics are noticeably anodyne-something about ‘everyone being in love’ and ‘put your hands up’(that’s an order) and even though the solo lines are yearning to be soulful and profound, the track does lack a certain integrity, and comes across as a bit manufactured.

The solo lines work, and are meant to showcase the voices, to prove the boys talent-and they do sound perfectly ‘nice’, even if the voices do seem to be identical to one another. 

Despite it being uber-predictable, the track works on a surface level and the catchy tune will prove a hit, especially with teenagers, and so in that respect it does the job. It would be nice to hear something a bit less obvious for their next effort.

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