Dappy - No Regrets

Dappy - No Regrets

Breaking away from superstars N-Dubz, Dappy has a lot of work to do to be taken seriously.

New single 'No Regrets' should go some way in proving people wrong, in a track that is sonically tight, and lyrically smart.

Name-dropping the likes of Marty McFly, Kurt Cobain and members of the Royal Family, some of the references a bit cliched, but it makes for some interesting rhymes.

Tracks in a similar vein could help establish Dappy as a great pop star.

The sung vocals are auto-tuned, but make for an anthemic chorus that could be an easy club hit.

It's a depature from the more house/hip-hop influenced sound of N-Dubz, showing a more mature side to Dappy's song-writing.

It will take more than one radio hit to make people take Dappy seriously, but 'No Regrets' will definitely make people take notice when his debut solo album is released later this year.

As Dappy closes the track singing "You ain't even seen the best of me", you get the feeling he just might be right.

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