Izzi Dunn - Visions EP

Izzi Dunn - Visions EP

Artist: Izzi Dunn

Album: Visions EP

Label: Idunnit Music


Rating: 5/5

This week sees the return of singer/songwriter Izzi Dunn as she releases her new EP Visions - which is perhaps more of a reflective record for her.

Dunn has stripped everything back after being influenced by some acoustic gigs that she has done over the last couple of years.

While her last album may have been quite produced this time around all that has been stripped away and we are left with her wonderful voice and fabulous song writing skills.

Devil’s Apprentice is the opening track on the EP and is perhaps the most mesmerising in this four track collection as the guitar keeps a steady beat throughout.

The beginning of the track is quite stark as this guitar keeps with Dunn’s vocal and it is her voice that really does take centre stage.

The first half of the song is very atmospheric and Dunn creates some very vivid images with her song writing - which is on top form as you would expect.

Some strings do kick in about half way through the track and it gives this track another layer and the instrumentation mixes together so well.

Picture Of You is another acoustic track as Dunn’s vocal is supported by a delicate guitar and strings in what is a love song.

There is a real selflessness with this track as she opens her heart and bears her soul with this track and the whole collection like never before.

It Wasn’t Love has more of a jazz feel to it and Dunn’s vice is rich and seductive and this is another very atmospheric track.

Title track Visions rounds off the EP and it sees her switch sounds once again as it has an instrumental beginning.

We don’t hear Dunn’s voice kick in until the fifty second mark as she puts together a beautiful instrumental arrangement.

Izzi Dunn doesn’t put a foot wrong with this new collection track and sees her stripped back and bare and it is a sound that suits her voice and writing style.

Dunn is an incredibly exciting musician and it is exciting to see where she will go from here.

Izzi Dunn - Visions EP is out now

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