John Legend - Everybody Knows

John Legend - Everybody Knows

Taken from his third album, Evolver, new single Everybody Knows is yet another in a line of grand successes for the man with possibly the sexiest voice in music.

Having sold over a million albums in the UK alone and been the man responsible for signing pop sensation Estelle, John Legend is quite simply unstoppable.

Despite sounding terribly similar to a bad Blue record at the very start, John’s steamy vocals soon slide in while the relaxed underscore seems to feature the oddly placed squeak of a Stylophone.

While not one of John’s catchiest melodies to date, the song’s definitely a grower; by the time you get to the second chorus you’ll find yourself wanting to join in.

This is an R&B record crammed full of soul and styled almost to perfection by the rich texture such a mellifluous croon lends. Easy on the ear and its only real shortcoming being that it doesn’t have a trademark piano solo, it’s guaranteed to reach your heart and rouse a smile.

Rating: 4/5

Anthony Hill

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