LostAlone - I Want Christmas Always

LostAlone - I Want Christmas Always

Artist: LostAlone

Single: I Want Christmas Always


Rating: 4/5

Now it is that time of year when bands and artists start releasing festive single and LostAlone are no different as they are back this week with I Want Christmas Always.

I Want Christmas Always is a fun track that is perfectly in tune with this time of year as the band sing about Christmas and seeing Father Christmas.

While the topic of the track has a very festive vibe to it there is a real rock sound to it that really drives the track forward.

And while this may be different to the other material that the band have released this year Steven Battelle still gives it some welly on lead vocals.

I Want Christmas Always is a super catchy track and it great to see the LostAlone boys having some fun with their music and really getting into the spirit of things.

There aren't too many Christmas themed tracks around this year but this latest offering from LostAlone is one of the best- I defy you not to sing along.

LostAlone - I Want Christmas Always is out now

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