Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose

Artist: Lucy Rose

Album: Like I Used To

Label: Columbia


Rating: 5/5

It has been a long road for Lucy Rose to get her debut album recorded and released but this week sees Like I Used To finally drop.

The singer-songwriter has spent quite a lot of time on the live circuit building up a fanbase before recording the album at her parent’s house.

Like I Used To is a fantastic debut record that show off not only the vocal quality of Lucy Rose but also her song writing ability and her versatility.

Red Face is the opening track on the album and it is powerful opening track that has a hypnotic drumming beat to it.

There is a delicacy and almost mellow sound to the versus before the guitars and the drums really kick in in the bridge and the chorus to make it more of an upbeat song.

Middle Of The Bed is a really well crafted pop song that really shows off Rose’s unique and beautiful voice as this track has a real stripped back feel to it.

Lines is another of the tracks where Rose’s voice really does take centre stage as she delivers another well written pop song.

There is something quite magical about this track as the backing track jumps back and forth in terms of pace and it is juxtaposition between fast and slow that works really well.

The rousing chorus shows off Rose’s voice as the op of range really is pitch perfect.

Shiver is another highlight as she moves away from pop to take on a folkier sound - and it is a genre that she nails perfectly.

The beginning of the track is beautifully sparse as Lucy Rose’s voice is supported just by an acoustic guitar. And while the track does build a little in terms of backing production the simplicity of the vocal is never lost.

The harmonies on this track are beautiful and Shiver once again shows just what a beautiful voice that Rose has.

Like I Used To is an incredibly accomplished debut album that evokes emotions in the listener with every single track.

Rose effortlessly moves between genres from pop to folk and back as she packs her tracks with feeling as well as atmosphere - Place being a perfect example of the latter.

Lucy rose is an artist that is surely set for great things as she delivered an album that is beautiful and pure - this is a record that is not to be missed.

Lucy Rose - Like I Used To is out now

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