My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance

Many were sceptical about My Chemical Romance's ability to put on a festival headline show, but the doubters were proved wrong by one of the weekend's best sets.

Despite a predictable opening ('Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na)'), the band kept up an admirable level on energy for a show that catered for both casual and diehard fans alike.

The set-list did lean heavily towards MCR's most recent effort (Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys), but their new, admittedly more mature, sound was a perfect fit for this kind of show.

Despite news that the band had been joined on stage by Brian May at Reading, the lack of a guest at Leeds did nothing to harm the atmosphere of the show.

Not to be outdone by Muse, MCR brought a great light show and fantastic production to ensure their status as worthy headliners was not under dispute.

Hits like 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)', 'Teenagers' and 'Famous Last Words' have become anthems for fans who faithfully sung back every word.

A stand-out moment was a gritty, raw rendition of 'Our Lady of Sorrows'.

When it was first released, no-one would've expected My Chemical Romance to go on to be one of the biggest rock bands in the world, headlining a festival of this size.

Gerard Way, charasmatic and energetic throughout, gave a motivational speech about supporting local, live music, because the unsigned bands of today will be the festival headliners of tomorrow.

It was a great speech, one that highlighted a night that felt like a victory for MCR.

For a band that never tried to be accepted, and have had their share of adversity, it was truly special to see a field full of punters singing back 'Welcome To The Black Parade' at the end of a fabulous and triumphant show.

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