Nirvana - Nevermind

Nirvana - Nevermind

Nirvana's iconic record Nevermind is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this month, highlighted by a four-disc edition.

We'll be looking at the first three discs (the fourth live disc/dvd wasn't available for review) over the next couple of days.

The main part of the first disc is the remastering of the original record.

Honestly, the sound here is phenomenal, without losing too much of its grit or roughness.

'Smells Like Teen Spirit' sounds more powerful here than ever before, and kicks off the record brilliantly.

Of course, there will almost certainly be purists who disagree with the remastering, but the producers have done a fine job here.

This re-release will no doubt introduce a whole new generation to the grunge superstars, so it's important to still look at the songs themselves, not just the remastering.

Although there will always be arguments over what is the "best" Nirvana album, albums become legendary for a reason, and Nevermind has 12 very good reasons.

There's little to no filler on the record, with tracks like single 'Come As You Are' still as powerful and haunting as ever.

'Territorial Pissings' sounds just as gritty, an all-out punk explosion heavily influenced by the likes of Black Flag.

It showed a diversity to Nirvana, and helps Nevermind remain engrossing and exciting.

The b-sides tagged on the end of this disc are all worthy of inclusion, although 6 of the 9 are live recordings.

These recordings give a bit of an of Nirvana in the live settings, but the real treat might by 'Curmadgeon', a ballsy hardcore track that shows a heavy side to Nirvana.

As a whole, the first disc of the Nevermind reissue is one for the completist, or must-have for any rock fan who doesn't already own this.

The sound is impressive, the b-sides tight, but if you own the album already and aren't a diehard fan, this might be worth picking up.

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