Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson might be fit, but I’m really not feeling his new single, or the pretentious video to go with it.

Everyone knows I hate this new phase of people who think it’s cool to act / dress / behave like they’re living back in the ‘80’s. I know fashions tend to come around again, but look, we’ve moved on in technology and things now… why do people insist on going all ‘old skool’ on us?

Maybe it’s just me wanting to have a rant after being dumped over the phone, I don’t know, but this new video has made me so angry that I’ve thrown my greek yoghurt in the bin.

It’s just Ronson and his mates trying to act like they’re 80’s kids again by shooting a poor quality video in the hope that it will make the quite awful single sound better. I’m afraid not Mark. It’s a thumbs down from me.

Do you agree? Or do you wish we could all pretend we still lived in the times of Pacman and Walkman and Polaroids?

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