Ricky Martin - 17: Greatest Hits

Ricky Martin - 17: Greatest Hits

Last week saw the UK release of Ricky Martin's Greatest Hits, a collection of 17 of his best tracks.

It sits well as a solid collection of the singer's biggest hits, with some great collaborations and an MTV Unplugged Version of 'Pegate'.

Kicking in with 'Livin' La Vida Loca', the collection reminds anyone who's forgotten one simple fact.

Ricky Martin, in the face of his critics, has consistently put out big, grand tracks that cross a hybrid of styles and cultures.

Indeed, even by second track 'Maria' this is clear, as a Latin sound is fused brilliantly with a more contemporary dance style.

Fans will love the opening five tracks, completed by 'She Bangs', 'Nobody Wants To Be Lonely' (featuring Christina Aguilera) and the infectious 'Shake Your Bon-Bon'.

It's no surprise the collection went in at Number 24 in the UK Album Charts, showing that Ricky still has some selling power.

Greatest Hits showcases Ricky's talent as a performer and vocalist, and three tracks allow him to attempt some co-songwriting.

It's well-paced, as the energy gives way to tender ballads like 'She's All I Ever Had' and 'Come To Me'.

This gives way to an amazing duet with Joss Stone, on the fantastic, soulful 'The Best Thing About Me Is You'.

When it comes down to it, 17: Greatest Hits is a solid collection that allows the casual fan to have Ricky's most notable songs in one place.

For the completist, tracks like the Stone duet and 'Pegate' (MTV Unplugged Version) offer an incentive to pick this up.

It will be interesting to see where Ricky goes from here, and how he builds on this to move to the next stage of his career.

Check out our interview with Ricky Martin.

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