Amy Studt - Nice Boys

Amy Studt - Nice Boys

Okay, so the only Amy Studt song I’ve heard is her hit Under The Thumb which I absolutely love and constantly play when I’m feeling a little down, so understandably, I was pretty excited when her latest single landed on my desk. I always meant to check more of her hits out!

Nice Boys is your regular summer tune that you can stomp around your local dance floor to with you girlfriends and pretend that you really don’t care if you cop off with a boy tonight.

The chorus chant “Nice Boys, They Don’t Last” rings so unbelievably true with me at the moment, as I’m sure they do with many other girls looking forward to spending their valentines day nursing a bottle of wine and watching back-to-back Sex And The City.

Okay, so the single isn’t actually released until March 1, but you get the idea right? The single come complete with a version for every occasion, you have your regular drive-time version, the WaWa Radio Edit version, which is great for getting ready for a night on the tiles, and has a bit of a shape shifter edge to it.

However, don’t get it confused with the Wawa Remix, or the Wawa Remix Edit… why we need three different Wawa versions is beyond me; maybe I’m getting really out of touch with the whole remix malarkey.

Although the ‘zoom’ noise at the beginning of the Soha & Adam K remix scared me half to death as it blasted into my earphones, and although it takes a while to get going, it’s a great tune that could easily be used at one of these new-age clubs that blast weird dance music and see’s participants wearing neon and massive sunglasses.

All in all a good comeback single which precedes her forthcoming album, ‘My Paper Made Men’ very nicely.

Rating: 3/5 a good effort.