Broadway Calls - Be All You Can't Be

Broadway Calls - Be All You Can't Be

As the foxy threesome that make up Broadway Calls gear up for their latest album release in August, what better way to capitalise on the summer sun that by releasing a new single to wet your eager little appetites with?

Be All You Can't Be is the latest single to be unleashed from the trio from Oregon and for anyone who has had their head in a musical bucket over the past couple of me (that’s me then) these lads are basically a younger, better looking Rise Against.

Singing the usual batch of anti-war music; “The truth is you see troops, not children.” The lads are clearly jumping on the bandwagon of what it’s cool to sing about these days, and okay, Ty Vaughn might not be the next Chester Bennington, but he does have a fair old crack at it.

With their pop/punk sound, they managed to impress those folk in Alkaline Trio enough to convince them to drag them out on the road as their support act earlier this year, and I can see why… whilst I’m not really a huge AT fan, Broadway Calls blew me away as the support, mainly as a result of the checked shirt wardrobe… a staple for any wannbe rock star.

So, to be honest, although it might not make your straightened hair stand on end from the outset, after about five listens you seem to appreciate this song more and more, and as a fan of Rise Against, they get a thumbs up from us at FF HQ… we just can’t wait for the album now!

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