Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church

Okay dokie, so, we were all looking forward to Charlotte Church's new single 'Back To Scratch' because we thought it would be a proper power track and her way of flicking the 'V's at her ex boyfriend Gavin Henson. Sadly, we were wrong.

I'm gutted to say that the new single is rather disappointing, it doesn't seem to go anywhere at all, it's just a flat, uninspiring track that I am really hoping grows on me the more I hear it on the radio.

Not only that though, but the video left me a bit baffled too, first of all, the whole kaleidoscope thing that’s going on…. don’t like it. And then there's the eye make up and tights… considering how great she looks on the single sleeve, the outfit in the video is just appaling.

It’s a pet hate of mine to see someone wearing a dark dress with low denier black tights and their arms exposed, I just think it looks daft… I mean I'm no fashion icon, but I certainly would have made a bit more of an effort to make her look fantastic.

And don’t even get me started on that Stability Ball she keeps chucking about everywhere…

Rating : 1/5 - her hair looks nice, but for her big comeback, this is a true letdown.

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