David Archuleta - Crush

David Archuleta - Crush

So I think I had better start by saying that as a fan of metal / rock and the occasional bout of ‘emo’ music; I was slightly dubious about the latest R n B offering, especially when it came in a 17-year old package!

However as the runner-up in the US’s American Idol and being listed in second place on Forbes List of Breakout Stars of 2008, there’s little surprise that this track really changed my mind. Woo!

I’m usually a little wary about people who have been churned out of talent shows, because more often than not, they are just the best of a bad bunch; with the obvious exception of Leona Lewis, Jennifer Husdon and Kelly Clarkson. And now of course, David Archuleta.

If you weren’t lucky enough to watch some of his heart stopping performances on American Idol, then you will be happy to know the song has slow-grinding verses mixed with a chorus which has your feet heading right for the dance floor and your ’come to bed’ eyes wandering for the best looking guy in the room.

If you take all the talent from the boy bands of the past few years - Blue, N’Sync or Backstreet Boys combine it with an more edgy sound and a super hot man, David Archuleta’s Crush is what I’m pretty sure you’d end up at.

What’s more, I can hardly believe that this heartfelt, catchy song is coming from a boy of just seventeen years old; and if this is what he’s bringing out at his age, I have little doubt that he is going to grow into mind-blowing tracks in no time at all.

An absolutely mind-blowing debut single from a real American Idol…. Well one in the making at least.

Rating: 5 / 5