I love Pink. There's no denying it, she's my favourite lady popstar! Her attitude is brilliant and she makes me want to go to the gym every time I look at her - which is reason enough to be her single in my opinion.

Thankfully Pink has also been sensible enough to wait a whopping ten years and five albums before unleashing a Greatest Hits on us (shame the same can't be said for some other defunct  singing contestants-com-popstars *cough* Lemar & Will Young*cough*) so we'll let her off for sticking some new songs on there too.

Greatest Hits... So Far!!! Is going to be home to what is undoubtedly  one of Pink's greatest party songs ever (I even like it better than Ke$ha's tik Tok!) in the form of Raise Your Glass; a full-throttle pop/rock stomper.

Filled with Pink's so-dumb-it's-genius lyrics I am 100% in love with her. What a hero. I think it's actually my song of the week!

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