The Veronicas

The Veronicas

The Veronicas are possibly the most beaufitul twins I've ever seen, but their new single, Untouched... now is that just as stunning?

When I first heard the song, the verses sounded way too much  like they were just being rushed out as fast as they could instead of with care and precision, and I thought I’d gone into a drug fuelled spin-off of a High School Musical scene.

The weird thing is though, the more I listened to Untouched, the more I began to love the happy electro pop sound emitting from my computer thanks to twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso.

In an age where neon, raving and being off your face on drugs is more popular than ever, there’s little doubt that this single will fir right in with fans of that genre, as well as impressionable young kids. Oh, and probably the entire cast of Hollyoaks.

The only thing I have to get a little bit angry at over this single, is the fact that my iTunes puts it in the genre of ‘Alternative & Punk’ which it is most certainly not… and never has been. I mean, I never claim to be a punk expert, but I think Rancid and the Sex Pistols might be a little peeved to have The Veronicas alongside them in HMV.

Other than that, this looks set to be an epic dance floor tune over the summer of 2009, it’s definitely finding a place on my iPod that’s for sure!

Rating; 4.5/5

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