VV Brown - Leave

VV Brown - Leave

First of all, I have to point out how much I love the actual CD that I hold inm my hand! It’s pink and has this weird feel to it that makes it feel like a record. I love it!

Anyway, what’s the point of it looking pretty if it’s just a load of rubbish what lies inside? Luckily for you that the music is just as good then!

VV Brown is the newest singer to try and make some cash out of a voice that sounds like Amy Winehouse / Duffy / Adele and all credit to her, she does it well. Fair enough, it might not be the most original sound of all time, in fact, I feel like I’m back in a 1950’s diner with a wide headband on and a dress with a massive skirt!

Actaully, if you put this cd on your iTunes, you feel sort of guilty that you’re not listening to it on an old-fashioned record player as the ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ that wriggle their way through this track make you feel like you’ve just stepped into Grease: The Musical.

I’ve got to give it to her though; Amy Winehouse is on crack, people seem to just life Duffy because everyone else does, but VV Brown has her own batch of chemistry and can write, sing and produce records. Which is something many of these new artists don’t seem to be able to grasp.

Her funky doo-wap-de-doo-wap sound brings something back to the music industry that seemed to have disappeared many years ago as the like of bubble gum pop came onto the scene. Her no-frills attitude, mixed with the perfect blend of 50’s pop and (at the very end) almost MC-ing sound make VV Brown one to watch in 2009.

I know I’ll be buying her new album!

Rating: 4/5