Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo

Status Quo have been consistently releasing material since their first album in 1968. Now, after more than four decades and now 29 albums, the Quo are still going strong.

Quid Pro Quo is just about what you’d expect from Status Quo, in that it isn’t bad but won’t win over any previous critics.

It’s simple 12-bar-blues, but done to the standard Quo are loved for by their fans.

People can say what they want about the repetitive nature of Status Quo’s material, but if no-one liked it, they wouldn’t be on album number 29.

They still play to packed crowds each year, and now how to craft a catchy rock n’ roll tune. ‘Dust To Gold’ is a more ambitious, heavier sound from the band. It’s simple, power chord-driven rock, but just has an extra bite to give it some energy.

The album does take a turn for the better from here, with a heavy, but bluesy,

Quo track appropriately titled ‘Let’s Rock’. It’s back to the similar progressions and beats, but stands out early on as one that settled in well with their impressive back catalogue.

Quid Pro Quo reaffirms that Status Quo are a consistent band, although it does expose the old cliché of three-chord-rock.

In Quo’s defence, they’ve joked about that themselves, and it’s this style of rock n’ roll that makes them so loved.

It would actually be a shame for them to drastically change their game, and more of the same is actually what everybody wants.

At this stage in the game, Quo aren’t going to change anybody’s minds, so it makes sense for them to put out another album of their own brand of rock n’ roll.

‘Leave A Little Light On’ threatens to break out as something a little different. Indeed, the guitar hook mixes things up a bit and makes this another strong track.

The album does get frustrating on songs like ‘Anyway You Like It’, when the band hint at a bit of a departure and something more interesting. It quickly goes back to the norm, and sums up the album’s pattern perfectly.

‘Reality Check’ is a bit of a slower, bluesy rocker that provides a nice change of pace. Quid Pro Quo concludes with a powerful new version of ‘In The Army Now’ that shows an untapped depth to the band, ending the album on a high note.

Quid Pro Quo, when all is said and done, does exactly what you’d expect.

It’s Status Quo as their fans know and love them, but it won’t be turning any sceptics into fans.

This is one of rock n’ roll’s most consistent bands putting out their 29th solid record. No matter who you are, that’s an incredible achievement.

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