Susan Boyle - Someone To Watch Over Me

Susan Boyle - Someone To Watch Over Me

This week saw the release of Susan Boyle's third studio album, Someone To Watch Over Me.

A stripped-back, emotional record, it allows her voice to be the focus, showcasing a amazing talent, regardless of the media circus constantly surrounding her.

Not content with being a cliched covers album, the record sees Susan Boyle take on the likes of 'Unchained Melody' and 'Mad World', whilst offering original songs like 'This Will Be The Year'.

It's a refreshing, powerful record that walks the thin line between classical opera and contemporary pop ballads, carried by Boyle's admittedly wonderful vocals.

For all the critics she's amassed from her time on Britain's Got Talent, it's remarkable that she's pressed through to album number three, and created such a consistent record.

Her acoustic-driven take on 'Mad World' is haunting, certainly a much better interpretation than Gary Jules' cover in 2003.

As Susan Boyle puts the drama of Britain's Got Talent behind her and embraces a new, calmer public image, she will move forward in silencing her critics.

Someone To Watch Over Me looks set to be the record that helps her do just that, with songs like 'Autumn Leaves' showing a genuine talent.

People will always make their jokes, but you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who would deny that talent and passion exhibited on this record.

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