Releasing their debut full-length and self-titled record, 5 Seconds of Summer open with the radio smash hit 'She Looks So Perfect' and instantly you're reminding just why everybody now seems to know their name.

"In my bedroom thinking of you" and tattoos in naughty places that the band members want to get to, despite still being driven to school by their parents are just some of the lyrics and ideas explored throughout the 15 tracks, and it's a welcome look at typical teenage life that a lot of listeners will be able to relate to, without being excessively crass and explicit.

They sing as a group rather than pushing one voice and having three backup singers, which allows each member to shine, and pace is changed with songs including 'Beside You' which proves the versatility of the group whilst straying away from becoming a large chunk of cheese.

Solid from beginning to end, it's not pushing the boundaries of what a boy band should be and conforms to a lot of pop album stereotypes, but that isn't something it should be slated for. Bands in the past have tried to be experimental and unfortunately it led to their demise. Playing it semi-safe on a first release isn't a bad strategy, and the hints of punk throw back to the early days of Sum 41.

What this LP should do is cement 5 Seconds of Summer's position as one of the leading bands in the market today, and good on them for continuing to plug away since their formation in 2011 - it was probably a success they didn't see coming with such a crowded market as of the last 12-24 months.

'5 Seconds of Summer' is out now.

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