Aiden Grimshaw - Misty Eye

Aiden Grimshaw - Misty Eye

Artist: Aiden Grimshaw

Album: Misty Eye

Label: RCA Records


Rating: 5/5

It has been two years since we saw Aiden Grimshaw as a contestant on the X-Factor and in the time away he has been working on his fantastic debut album.

Grimshaw has clearly taken his time on Misty Eye has he has developed his own style and penned the tracks - rather than rushing into recording an album that is full of covers.

And let me tell you that this is not the album that I was expecting - it really will make you sit up and take note of this singer-songwriter.

He has mixed traditional pop songs with dancier elements as well as throwing in some great ballads to show that he is a very rounded and versatile artist.

He showed glimpses of his talent on X-Factor and with this album we finally get to see what this artist is all about - his vocal really is on top form from start to finish.

Is This Love is the lead single off the album and it is an infectious blend of electro-pop, dance as well as a bit of drum and bass - and with this one track he shows what he is all about.

What We Gonna Be throws in a rap element as well as a driving dance beat that really work well together.

Title track Misty Eye is a particular highlight as he brings down the pace and he really shows of the range and quality of his vocal.

Misty Eye is one of those unforgettable tracks as Grimshaw really gets under your skin with his voice - that feeling is further heightened by the fantastic strings that feature.

There is an honest feel to this record as you can tell that this is the music that Grimshaw wanted to make.

The production is incredibly slick and all of the tracks fit together well - seriously there is not one track that you will want to skip.

With this album Grimshaw has cemented himself as one of the most exciting solo male artists who is ready to make the kind of music that he wants to make - he has well and truly left his X-Factor days behind him.

And the album ends as powerfully as it began As Nothing At All is a fantastic trip-hop number that continues to show Grimshaw is ready to experiment with his sound.

Curtain Call rounds off the album in real style as this is a track that really blends quiet with upbeat. Grimshaw’s vocal on the verses is the quiet aspect of the track but it’s is the chorus where it really where it comes to life.

Misty Eye is an album that is not to be missed as Grimshaw has shown that musically he is the real deal - not winning the X-Factor was the best thing that could have happened to him as he wouldn’t have been able to make an album like this.

Aiden Grimshaw - Misty Eye is out now

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