Bethany Weimers - Harpsichord Row

Bethany Weimers - Harpsichord Row

Artist: Bethany Weimers

Album: Harpsichord Row

Label: 1784 Records


Rating: 4/5

Bethany Weimers has been making quite a name for herself on the live circuit of late and now she is back with her debut album Harpsichord Row.

And it’s not hard to see why her live performances have been such a hit as this is a haunting and mesmerising album from start to finish.

Silver Moon is the opening track on the album and it has a dark melody and a stripped feel to it as Weimers’ vocals take front and centre stage.

This opening track immediately reveals what Harpsichord Row is all about; this is a singer-songwriters record where production is kept to a minimum while vocals are the most important element.

There is a really haunting feel to Lucky Day, which is one of the best tracks on the album, as Weimers’ pitch perfect vocals are supported beautifully by a lone piano.

There is a change of pace with William And His Ghost as this is perhaps the most upbeat and pop track on the album - there is a really infectious feel to the chorus.

And it’s great to see Bethany show off her versatility as an artist as she has not just stuck with one style throughout the album.

Desire is another highlight as it is a laid back acoustic track once again the production has been scaled back and Bethany’s vocals really will just sweep you away.

Harpsichord Row really does show off Bethany Weimers as an artist that we should all be getting excited about as she is a singer who can hold you with just her voice and her lyrics.

The sparse feeling to the album gives it a real depth as well as creating a truly haunting atmosphere throughout.

Bethany Weimers - Harpsichord Row is out now

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